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How to Send Group Texts From Android and iPhone

Text messaging or texting is “the point communication” between two or more than two persons through mobile phones or portable devices over a common network or station. In this fast-paced world where time is very much precious, people don’t have time for their family and friends; text messaging is the best way to keep in touch with many people at the same instant of time. It is fast and furious and you are dam sure that recipient will definitely receive the message whether his device or phone is on or off.

How to send group text from an android phone?

An Android phone provides a very simple and convenient way to multiple text means we can text one message to more than one person at the same instant of time. For multiple text option first we need to create a contacts group only then we can send multiple text.
Step by step procedures how we can create contacts group and then send multiple texts through an android phone:

Make a contacts group

First step

For this we need to go in “contact menu”, instantly a collective list in your phone will be open that contains the names and contact details of your friends, family, students and colleagues etc, then click on “options” then there wcill be the option of “contacts group.

Second step

After clicking on the contacts group a list will be opened that contains a group names like student, friend, family or colleague.

Third step

At this step we have to select one particular group name from list or there is also an option to create a group on any xyz name rather than choosing from the available in list.

Forth step
After that click on the group name you have decided like student or friends, and then automatically a blank page will be open displaying “no contacts in the group” and also displays an option to

“add contacts to group.”

Fifth step

After clicking on the add contacts to group, a collective list of all contact details will be open with “marking option.”

Sixth step

This step needs a great caution in marking the names of person we want to include in the contacts group. Sixth step: After successful marking their will be an option to “Ok” or “cancel.”

Seventh step

Click on Ok option will create contacts group.

Multiple text sending

Eighth step

Go to messaging application in your android phone like whatsApp or We Chat etc.

Ninth step

Then click on the contact icon, pick your group.

Tenth step:
Then click on the Ok to send the text to all the people in the group.

How to send group text from an iPhone?

An iPhone provides no grouping facility like an android phone. In an iPhone we have to create group from messaging application every time.
Step by step guide for group text
First step

Open messaging to initiate the process of group text.

Second step
Click on the small + button at the top right to see the list of contacts and select the name for group text.

C. Third step: Write the text we want to send and then click send to deliver the text.

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